2017 Stranding Conference

Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s (CMA) Rescue Team is proud to announce open registration for the 2017 Stranding Conference!

Please join us for the Fourth Annual Stranding Conference on Saturday, September 9 and Sunday, September 10, 2017. Day one of the conference will be held at the beautiful Sheraton Sand Key Resort, located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. To reserve a room at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort book here.

Day 1
The first day will consist of a series of compelling lectures presented by top network professionals such as Dr. Robert Bonde, USGS; Dr. Michael Walsh, University of Florida; Dr. Lauren Smith, Lowry Park Zoo; Anna Panike, FWC; Rhonda Bailey, FWC; Gina Lonati, FWC; Dr. Adrienne Adkins, Mote Marine; Rebeccah Hazelkorn, Mote Marine; and more! The topics will cover marine mammals, sea turtle, and manatees.

Day 2
The following day, CMA will host hands-on labs and activities with veterinarians and industry professionals, including Leo Cross from Wildlife Trappers, Anna Panike of FWC, Kris Porter of Owl’s Nest, and others at CMA. You will learn and experience diagnostic lab sample processing, cetacean transport in the rescue van, osteology identification and articulation, live bird demonstration, and much more.

*Lunch will be provided both days.

Marine Mammal Husbandry Wet Lab

Sunday, September 10th, 4:30 pm – SOLD OUT

Hosted by CMA’s Animal Care Team, this lab offers a special opportunity to learn medical and behavioral management techniques applicable to both beach-based individual health assessments and rehabilitation settings.  Enabling you to experience large-animal management first-hand, it walks you through cetacean rescue and rehabilitation process for stranded marine mammals. All participants will dress out and join the animal care team pool-side for a dynamic learning experience.  Focusing on effective training and passive restraint techniques and stretcher use,  you will not only learn how to analyze dolphin behavior but also learn husbandry-training techniques and medical management procedures—such as tubing dolphins for hydration and gastric sample collection in addition to other diagnostic samples, and much more! Join us for this valuable training experience and opportunity to learn from experienced animal care professionals.

To support our annual fundraising initiative for rescue work, the team is excited to offer fun raffles and a great selection of silent auctions items, available each day of the conference!


The general registration fee of $60 includes admission to the two-day conference, catered lunch, snacks, and welcome gifts that will complement your personal stranding kit and gear. Wet lab is sold out.

General registration is open through August, 2017. We hope to see you there!

Sponsorships and Donations

Help sponsor the conference and receive great benefits.

Your generous donations to the 2017 Stranding Conference, allow CLearwater Marine Aquarium’s stranding team to continue to host educational community programs and contributes to our annual fundraising for marine life rescue initiatives.


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