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Building on Success & Creating a Future

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CMA's Ultimate Plan is to have Two Thriving, Successful Facilities:

Future Plan Benefits

  • Clearwater Marine Hospital – Nearly all of the current Island Estates facility would be used as the "hospital," with a research and education element. It would continue to have only a minor tourism aspect.
  • Clearwater Marine Aquarium – The Downtown facility would house the primary tourism and education components of CMA's mission, including resident animals such as Winter and Hope.

  • Expanding our Capability to Fulfill our Mission

    Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Front Entry Rendering

    Approximately 200,000 Gross Square Foot Main Aquarium Facility

    2nd Story Coral Reef Exhibit

    The Coral Reef Exhibit is where guests will be able to observe and learn about a multitude of marine life species residing in and swimming throughout the reef.

    Benefits of a Downtown Aquarium:

  • 2 + million new visitors per year will enjoy the Area and Downtown/Coachman Park vicinity & Promote economic development in the Downtown area.
  • Hotels, restaurants and merchants in Pinellas County capitalize on visitor impact.
  • Job Creation Direct - CMA projects an increase of 430 jobs to be created; Indirect – downtown business expansion, hotels and restaurants.
  • The project promotes the expansion and redevelopment of green space in Coachman Park
  • Reduces stress on Island Estates and traffic on Memorial Causeway.

    For more information, please contact Lee Behensky, Director of Development at (727) 441-1790 ext. 233 or