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Your support is vital to our animals!

Our mission is to restore and preserve our marine life and environment. We accomplish our mission through leadership in education, research, and the rescue, rehabilitation, &release of marine life. In order to successfully meet our goals, it requires the generous support of individuals like you.

The costs associated with caring for our resident animals are incredible. Each of our dolphins cost approximately $300 a day, nearing $110,000 every year. The care provided for each of our resident sea turtles is approximately $250 a day, nearing $90,000 every year. The rehabilitation our rescued animals undergo is only partially supported by the cost of admission for each guest, so every additional dollar you designate towards the Animal Care fund is used to cover the difference.

Act now and contribute to the Animal Care fund! Without your help, Clearwater Marine Aquarium would not be able to support the rescue and rehabilitation of marine wildlife.