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What are the hours for Clearwater Marine Aquarium?

We have NEW hours due to the filming of Dolphin Tale 2. Check her for the most recent schedules: Visitor Information

How much does it cost to visit Clearwater Marine Aquarium?

General admission to CMA and WDTA is: Adults – $19.95 Children(ages 3 – 12) – $14.95 Seniors(60+) – $17.95 for seniors (ages 60 and older). For more information on our pricing and programs, click here.

What types of programs does Clearwater Marine Aquarium offer on a daily basis?

There is a lot to see and do at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Inside the aquarium, we have various animal presentations, theater showtimes, feedings, and exhibits to explore. For information on our daily presentations, click here.

If you are interested in making the most out of your CMA experience, we also offer boating eco-tours and behind-the-scenes tours. These experiences do tend to fill up fast though, so make sure you reserve them well ahead of time! For information on our boat tour, click here. For information on our SeaLife Safari boat tour, click here. For information on behind-the-scenes tours, click here.

Can I interact with the animals at Clearwater Marine Aquarium?

There are many different animal interactions offered by CMA. Whether you want to feed our stingrays or get a photo with our dolphins, we try to make your experience with our animals a fun one! These programs fill up quickly, so reserve your spot today! To learn more click here.

Do you have any in-the-water experiences with dolphins?

Yes, starting on a shallow platform, you will have a hands-on opportunity to learn about dolphin anatomy. Once you move into the deep water, you will swim alongside the dolphin, get a dolphin kiss and much more! For more information on the Deep Water Swim program, click here.

Do I get to choose which dolphin I interact with?

Just like us, dolphins need some downtime and to ensure the health and comfort of our animals, we may need to make last-minute changes in their daily schedules. For that reason, we cannot guarantee that your dolphin experience will be with one specific dolphin.


What types of dolphins do you have at Clearwater Marine Aquarium?

All three dolphins at CMA are bottlenose dolphins. Their names are Hope, Nicholas, and Winter. To learn more about their individual stories, click here.

Which dolphin does Winter live with?

Winter lives in an environment with Hope, our newest dolphin resident.

Where can I learn more about Winter?

For more information about Winter and her story, you can click here.

Also, to see frequently asked questions, concerning Winter and her tail, You can also visit Winter everyday at Clearwater Marine Aquarium or via her webcam.