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Green Sea Turtle

Cupid's Tale:

Cupid is a Green Sea Turtle that currently resides here at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. She was found stranded on February 14th, 2010 in Franklin County, Florida. Cupid had abrasions on her head and was covered with barnacles. Cupid is missing half of her right rear flipper. This was an old healed wound. She also has a buoyancy issue and associated malformed carapace that is presumably related to the flipper wound. This prevents her from staying submerged when diving and is the primary reason that she is deemed unreleasable.

Cupid's length was 40cm SCL and weighed 7.9kgs at stranding. Cupid was transferred to CMA on July 24th,2010. At this time she had grown to 11kgs. Cupid was placed in a 2,000 gallon rehab pool. Periodic lab results (last blood work on 12/20/12) show Cupid to be in good health. In an effort to treat the buoyancy problem, weights were attached to the carapace in June 2011. These remained on the turtle until November. Unfortunately this failed to correct the condition. Cupid has grown to be a robust 24.7kg turtle with a SCL of 49.1cm.